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ClickLogin - Making authorization better
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One-click authorization service

😎 Connection

Perfect plugin for Wordpress social authorization! Connection in 1 click.

Wordpress Plugin Social Authorization

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To connect a site, get a token for your site - get a token

Next, throw users on links like:

  https://api.clicklogin.ru/?action=vk_auth&token= [yours_share_token] & domain = [your_site_share] & redirect = [for_direct_direct]  


link to the redirect - the link should lead to auth_token processing (more details below)

💻 PHP processing

Further, after transferring to the redirect link, you get the login data for the user’s website.


token_auth - This is an authorization token via social. network, it is possible to get information about the user through cURL PHP


🚀 Need to try out the service?

Try to log in through our website!

(Facebook.com) Login with Facebook

(Accounts.Google.com) Login with Google

(VK.com) Login with VK

(OK.RU) Login with OK

🤐 Confidentiality

These users are not saved on the servers of the clicklogin service , they are only issued for authorization on those sites that need authorization, as they are deleted later, automatically.

📜 Nothing is clear? Need an example?

1) Sample page login.html, authorization through Vkontakte (vk_auth)

<div class="widgetlogin">
    <p>Авторизация через Вконтакте</p>
    <!-- В ссылке важны параметры : token & domain & redirect -->
    <a href="https://api.clicklogin.ru/?action=vk_auth&token=d81f9c1be2e08964bf9f24b15f0e4900&domain=example.ru&redirect=https://example.ru/callback.php">
        Нажмите чтобы войти!

* Do not worry, the public token is needed only to authorize your domain in our service.

2) An example of processing after a user has been transferred to the "redirect" page (php handler) for example:https://example.ru/callback.php

// PHP
function check_auth() {
	$params = array(
		'action' => 'service_info', /* we specify the API method */
		'domain' => 'clicklogin.ru', /* we enter the domain on which issued a token - https://clicklogin.ru/gettoken.html */
		'token_auth' => $_REQUEST['token_auth']
	/* Get authorization information */
	$query = "https://api.clicklogin.ru/?" . http_build_query($params, null, '&');
	$json = @file_get_contents($query);
	if(!empty($json)) {
		$response = (array) json_decode($json,true);
		/* if the user exists */
		if(isset($response['success']) && $response['success'] !== false) {
			echo($response['user']['user_id']); /* (int) Identifier, usually always*/
			echo($response['user']['email']); /* (string) Mail, usually always*/
			echo($response['user']['first_name']); /* (string) Name, usually always*/
			echo($response['user']['last_name']); /* (string) Last name, usually alwaysа*/
			echo($response['user']); /* completely */
			return (array) $response['user'];
	return array();
$user = check_auth();
if(!empty($user)) {
else {
	echo 'Авторизация не удалась!';
// всё :)